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Older version of shaman girl

Older version of shaman girl

Shaman girl design exploration :)

Shaman girl design exploration :)




In attempts to get Teka to stop chewing at my books, I put on some dance music.

Poor buddy’s confused because it wants to eat book, but HAS to dance

oh my gosh. How cute is that?

@leseanthomas and me!! 😍 (at MAMA HONG’S Vietnamese Kitchen)

@leseanthomas and me!! 😍 (at MAMA HONG’S Vietnamese Kitchen)

11 – The Story Board 2
10 – The Story Board 1


Storyboard by Fawn Veerasunthorn 

This section of my boards was featured in the Art of Frozen book, so I thought I would post a little more story sketches from the sequence. They’re not in full continuity here (this sequence was about 150 panels), but they are in order. 

Frozen is now available for download on iTunes


Here is our 5 Second Day short contribution!!

By jeandrawsstuff and katamaru
Compositing by fengalicious (check out his 5 Second Day short here!)
Special Thanks to Lika Leong and Titmouse Inc for making this possible!


Hey kids!  If you’re a filmmaker, animator, or storyboard artist and you don’t know what screen direction is, you might want to read this.

For the record, there are always exceptions to the rule in filmmaking, which is why I pointed out 3 examples here.

I’ve also found that comic books tend to NOT take screen direction as seriously as film does, but I’m still on the fence if this is wise or not.  My favorite comics pay close attention to screen direction so as to not confuse the reader.

Good luck!